Friday 25 November 2022

Black Friday: Exclusive BLACK Discount & Kate Related Savings + The Waleses Set for Boston

Good evening, dear readers, and a Happy Thanksgiving to our friends across the pond,

It's time for our annual Black Friday post with deals and savings opportunities on items and brands favoured by Kate and an exclusive discount from longtime collaborator But first, to queries about the Waleses' Boston trip next week. Thus far, the Palace hasn't issued an itinerary. According to several reports the trip will see the couple based in Massachusetts, arriving on Wednesday 30 November and culminating with Earthshot awards on Friday 2 December. The three-day trip will see a solo visit to Harvard in connection with her early years work for Kate, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, and the couple will join the Mayor for an event. They will learn more about challenges in the heart of Boston during an engagement with ROCA, a leading organisation supporting young people. I expect we'll see a more detailed schedule very shortly. It's eight years since William and Kate officially visited the US. Do you remember this festive New York engagement?

This year marks a decade since Toby Logue and the team at luxury British accessories brand BLACK began working with me on 'Duchess Kate' (are you all used to Chronicling Kate yet? :)). I'm an avid believer in the importance of excellent craftsmanship and quality over quantity, which is why the brand has been a popular one with readers. This year, Toby has offered a 30% discount on all orders from Friday 25th to Monday 28th November. 20% is applied automatically and an additional 10% with discount code HRH10.

The family-run business took root when Paula Reeves was inspired after a trip to India where she became immersed in the beauty of artisan skills and the intricacy of crafting ring shawls. With her son Toby Logue joining the business, the duo have led the brand through very exciting years, delivering quality pieces and dedicated customer service as their keystone. For the team, it's all about quality weaving techniques, adding texture, and the look and feel of a garment -- offering pieces which can be worn time and time again. Catering to customers all over the world, BLACK strive to offer timeless, elegant pieces which add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.

Cashmere is sourced from the UK, India and Italy. As you may know, Scotland is associated with exquisite cashmere production. All companies used have lengthy heritages in production.

The brand's ever-popular collection of Italian silk and wool accessories is produced by a family in Florence. A leading craftsman in the family, Massimo, bonded with the BLACK team over a shared belief in quality fabrics, design (and it being and wine). Massimo's father Silvano started the business in 1953 with his wife Valentina. He called the workshop 'Florence Style'.

In the BLACK collection, Massimo shares he is most proud of "the silk and wool scarves you selected from our range, as I personally created the designs, colors and general aspect of this part of the collection". He added: "Usually the set-up of scarf designs is a little bit more difficult because you have to play with the right proportions, decide if you want to add plain borders or matching patterns to create contrast borders. This time instead, starting from some neckwear designs, I adapted them to the right size and I chose the colors of every single item of the pattern. I deeply study the aspect of the finished scarf once at the neck so that it has the perfect fitting: I can say they are my creatures!"

Among the brand's collection of Silk and Cashmere scarves -- the seasonal Burgundy Bloom wrap.

The classic Grey Cashmere and Silk wrap, made in Kashmir. It's also shown below in black.

A touch of fun with the I Love My Bags copper toned cashmere and silk wrap. Exclusive to the brand, the piece is generously sized. For shoe lovers, a stiletto themed version of the scarf is available here.

A closer look at the print. 

Festive gift sets include the Grey Cashmere Beret & Cashmere Gloves Set, the Leopard Print Cashmere and Silk Scarf and Leather Gloves Set and the Black Cashmere Neck Warmer and Black Cashmere Pom Pom Hat Set.

Violet is a fabulous colour for Autumn/Winter, adding a touch of warmth to neutral or monochromatic looks. It is, of course, firmly associated with royalty. Below, the African Violet Cashmere Poncho, the Cashmere Neck Warmer, the Leopard Print Cashmere and Wool Scarf and the Violet to Magenta Cashmere and Silk Wrap.

With the festive season upon us...shades of green. The Winter Trilogy Wrap, the Kelly Green Poncho, the Teal Green Cashmere and Silk Wrap and the Forest Green to Ochre Shaded Cashmere and Silk Wrap.

The Super Luxe Olympian Blue Basket Weave Cashmere Shawl is made from the softest Mongolian Cashmere Yarn. The piece is described: "It is expertly woven in a basket weave design which gives it a really plush texture. Meticulously crafted, it is generously sized and finished with a 4cm fringe."

A look at the Hazelnut Quilted Leather Gloves with Zip -- cashmere lined, channel your inner Grace Kelly with a pair of elegant driving gloves.

Cashmere berets...

Stylish additions to this year's collection include Cashmere Tunics and Gilets.

A reminder to enter HRH10 at the checkout.

UK Shipping -- Free with order £95+
International Shipping -- Free with orders £150+
Extended returns -- January 31st 2022

Click here to view the full range in the women's and men's collections.


In Kate-related savings, take 10% off at Really Wild Clothing with discount code UKEXTRA10.

Take 20% off Kate's DeMellier London Nano Montreal bag with discount code BF20.

Kate's Missoma rhodochrosite gold mini pyramid charm hoops are reduced from £89 to £63.

There's over £150 reduced from Kate's Aspinal of London Midi Mayfair bag.

J Crew are offering 50% off your purchase with code SHOPEARLY.

Bobbi Brown are offering 30% off plus a free gift when you spend $75 or more.

Please feel free to share any Kate-related deals you find in the comments.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Charlotte. I hope you had a lovely day with your family. Again thanks for all your hard work on the site. S. ☺

  2. Kate looked lovely during the whole visit, and she was charged with wrapping presents. The woman in charge thought she wasn't going fast enough and Kate gave a little eye roll. It was all a lot of fun and I loved reading about it.

  3. Thanks for the post Charlotte, and for the thanksgiving wishes to us here across the pond. The Black Friday deals look amazing, and interesting about the cashmere. I need to treat myself! Excited for the Boston trip and her attire.
    Joanne in CA

  4. Hello ! I hope you are all having a good weekend ! There are 15% off cornelia james gloves this weekend. My pair of Beatrice gloves is ordered 😁

  5. Thanks for these tips! I ordered way too much stuff from Bobbi Brown.

  6. I worked in Boston for Harvard (the business school) and lived just across the river in Cambridge. I absolutely love the city and the state and miss it always.

    1. I remember. I was sort of embarrassed that anyone would speak to Catherine that way, even jokingly, but she handled it well.

    2. Lori, I thought Kate handled it very well. I don't think the woman was joking but NY (and Boston) has a different culture. There are a lot of people either just trying to survive or intensely working in their field, and royalty is not something to be concerned about. It's a tough audience!

  7. Thank you Charlotte for this post. Ordered another scarf from Black (they do come beautifully packaged in a houndstooth bag), and a pair of the driving gloves.! Lovely!

  8. I'm a former resident of Boston, of which I remain very fond, and have spent time in the Harvard libraries for one reason or another. I look forward to seeing the city showcased on this trip -- the university, too, though as a Yale alumna, I can't help but wish that the Prince and Princess would visit New Haven instead!

    I also think it would be nice if they eventually made an official visit that allowed them to be fêted at the White House, as William's parents once were. The Bidens have a daughter very close to their age, and she is a social worker who worked for the Delaware department of family services. She is also the founder of an art program for young people in juvenile detention. Ashley Biden and the Princess would have rather a lot to talk about.

    1. The white house, that would have been great !

    2. I would guess that until a US president entertains King Charles, no other royals will visit the White House. Times have changed as far as lavish state dinners go. Times are hard for many in the United States too.

    3. I must point out that since the Prince and Princess are not heads of state, they would not be given a state dinner, as Charles and Diana were not. It would be simply a formal dinner in their honor. It would not be necessary for the King to have been given a state dinner first.

      By the way, holding state dinners does not and should not depend on how "hard the times are" in the US. On the contrary, they are intended to help cement international relationships, something necessary regardless of the condition of the national or global economy. Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and so forth held many state dinners, despite the Great Depression and repeated recessions.


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