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  1. I would like to send the Royal baby a gift. Where would one send it to assure delivery? Thank you, Diane Conrad

    1. Hello Diana,

      The details are here :)

  2. Hi. Can u please tell me their schedule whilst in adelaide 23/4/14. Daughter and I wouldlike to see them. Thanks

    1. Hello :)

      April 23, Adelaide - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will view the music studios, performances, meeting young people and staff, before moving outside to watch skateboarders, Northern Sound System, Elizabeth, Adelaide.

      The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will view a display on the history of the town of Elizabeth and attend a reception hosted by the Governor and Premier of South Australia, Playford Civic Centre, Elizabeth, Adelaide.

  3. Hello, A friend and I would like to receive one of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Christmas cards from 2018, the one with the picture of their family. How does one go about requesting one, please? Thank you. Mary Ann Reddy, U.S.A., Missouri.

  4. Hi Charlotte, I've been following your blogs for years and must say you do an excellent job! However, this morning I ran into a bit of a problem. After catching up on Duchess Kate news, I went to click on the picture entitled "Mad About Meghan" but for some strange reason it had disappeared along with the reference about your "sister blog". Not sure if anyone else has reported the problem but hopefully it will be an easy fix! Many thanks.

    1. Hello Carole-Anne,

      Thank you so much for alerting me to the issue. Is it working for you now?

  5. Salut la famille comment allez-vous

  6. Do you have a blog about the rest of the Royal Family and if so what is it’s title. I thought you had mentioned one.

    1. Hello, my other blog is very much a 'look-back' royal history blog presently zoning in on the 1950s. Thank you for your interest


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