Saturday 25 March 2023

The Princess Chats to Iceland's Richard Walker About the Importance of Early Years

Following on from the launch of the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood's Business Taskforce on Tuesday, a new video has been released featuring a conversation between the Princess of Wales and Iceland Food executive chair Richard Walker focusing on the correlation between supporting early years from the perspective of 'big business'.

The Iceland Boss who recently told the BBC he would like to be prime minister one day, said: "Looking at the Shaping Us campaign and reading some of the science behind it, it really challenged my thinking." He added it made him think about what more he can do "personally as a parent" and "as a business". Kate replied: "The thing is so many of your employees but also customers, you know, their parents, grandparents, we all know it's important to look after their well-being."

More from the Mail Online:

'In the clip, Kate tells Mr Walker: 'You hear time and time again that these soft skills, you know, the creativity, the collaboration, the critical thinking, the flexibility, the resilience.

'You know, these are things that you'd hear that businesses are looking for and it's really interesting seeing how, actually, so often, the foundations for those skills are built in the earliest years of our lives.'

It comes amid the release of a new op-ed by the Princess for the Financial Times. Kate writes:

'I believe that we need to do two things. The first is to prioritise creating working environments that provide the support people need to cultivate and maintain their own social and emotional wellbeing. The second is a more concentrated focus on the social and emotional development of our youngest children.

The environmental, social and governance framework — or ESG — is now readily recognised and supported by business. Considerable progress has been made within a relatively short few years on the environment and governance parts of that framework, but the “social” aspect is not discussed as overtly or measured and reported in the same way.

So, over the coming months, the taskforce will look at the opportunity to put the early years at the heart of delivering the “social” element. While great work is being done by individual businesses, by being more co-ordinated across business and commerce, our impact could be far reaching.'

The Princess was in a familiar ZARA blazer for the meeting.

Kate wore it last month in Derby, where she congratulated Captain Preet Chandi on her exploration achievement.

Embed from Getty Images

The double-breasted piece with lapel collar features shoulder pads and embossed gold buttons.

George, Charlotte and Louis are currently on their Easter holidays. I expect the family might take a holiday.


  1. do you know what earrings she’s wearing please

    1. To me they look like the accessorize pearl and disc earrings with the pearl removed. Or it's a new pair that's similar that's a hammered disc on a hoop. Spell of love has a pair they could be.

  2. So regal & royal; a true asset to crown & country!

  3. Jennifer in Canada26 March 2023 at 13:35

    Princess Kate is doing a great job of building allies related to her Early Childhood initiatives. The domino potential of this is exponential and perhaps more easily seen in retrospect. Brokering conversations with key sectors followed by cross sector activity often spark interesting leaps in progress. Looking forward to following her process as always. Thanks for how you highlight her steps Charlotte. I’ve followed for a long time though I rarely comment. Your posts are top notch!

    And of course I’m here for the fashion too!

  4. I thought the article Kate wrote for the Times very well written. And she is right, if 76 per cent of mothers and 92 per cent of fathers with children are in work, it makes sense to involve businesses. Seeing how excited Mr. Walker seemed to speak to her, it is clear that the Duchess position and personality draws people to her causes.

    1. The Princess looked lovely in the video. I have full confidence that she will succeed with all her work on this project. I know there was a lot of talk about how many white blazers she needs. I like this one but the McQueen is much nicer on her. I hope that the family have a nice holiday over Easter. It's great they have the option of their third home in the country if they don't travel abroad. Thanks Charlotte. Are you planning on taking a break from the blog over Easter? S.🙂.

    2. Hello S! I expect to be tied up with other commitments for this week. From there, I hope to get through several of the many great post suggestions I receive from readers :)

    3. Thanks Charlotte and enjoy the break. S.🙂.

    4. Very impressed with the article as well Natacha. She is clear on her goals and is slowly delineating out where she wants to place focus. This is not a turn-key project by any means, but rather a long-term strategy to effect significant change. She has grown not only in her role, but in her ability to recognize what impact her role may have on making change. Aside from her position as POW, she has a genuinely unique appeal that helps her to serve as an ambassador for her causes.

  5. A nice interview with a nice CEO. K’s initiative seems to be making headway at last, my only wish is that she reports on the impact and changes made as a result. Something I’ve noticed for a while though is that K uses very “dramatic” hand gestures with splayed fingers and it looks odd. It seems like she’s trying to absorb as much as possible but it’s distracting,
    I’m not a critic of K “not working” during school holidays but I’ve also noticed a pattern of her launching something or dropping a video and then simply vanishing for a while. It’s not a good look as it makes it seem she is simply dropping in vs having an ongoing commitment.

  6. Hello!
    I was just wondering why Princess Catherine of Wales and Iceland's Richard Walker was Video taped in the Frozen Food Section of the Supper Market and not the Produce Section? It is better for Children to eat more Fruits and Vegetables. Frozen Food is not the Best Food to feed little Children.


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