Friday 8 September 2023

William and Kate Visit St Davids RNLI & Seaweed Farm in South Wales

Following a deeply poignant and moving service at St Davids Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, the Prince and Princess of Wales carried out two additional engagements in South Wales.

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After a quick change, William and Kate headed to Câr-Y-Môr Seaweed Farm – the first ‘regenerative ocean farm’ in Wales and a key partner of Notpla, the sustainable packaging start-up and winner of the 2022 Earthshot Prize for ‘Build a Waste-Free World’.

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Câr-Y-Môr, which translates to ‘For the Love of the Sea’, is a community benefit society which aims to improve the coastal environment through regenerative ocean farming. The company also supports the local community through job creation, supply of fresh local seafood and environmental restoration.

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Kensington Palace said: "In June 2022, following two years of research, the company installed a three-hectare ocean farm where various species of seaweed, mussels, native oysters, and scallops are grown".

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A spokesperson added: "Notpla, which produces plastic-free consumer packaging made from seaweed and plants, is a key investor in Câr-Y-Môr. Among its innovations, Notpla replaces plastic-lined takeaway boxes and other disposable plastic items such as cutlery. The London-based start-up won the 2022 Earthshot Prize in the ‘Build a Waste-Free World’ category and received a visit by The Prince of Wales in May 2023".

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More from Express and Star:

'The Prince of Wales quipped that seaweed produced at a seaweed farm off the Welsh coast tasted salty when asked what it was like to eat.

William made the comment to veteran royal photographer Arthur Edwards during a visit to the Car-Y-Mor seaweed farm at St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

The Sun newspaper snapper asked the prince: “What did the seaweed taste like?”

He replied: “Salty.”

A video from the engagement.

From there, the couple visited RNLI St Davids Lifeboat, an organisation which was very close to the late Queen's heart.

Of course, Her late Majesty was proud Patron of the RNLI for seven decades. Following her passing, the organisation shared a treasured photo with the message: "Her Majesty’s support for our lifesavers and our cause will never be forgotten." 

RNLI Chief Executive Mark Dowie says: ‘Over the past year, we have reflected on the many RNLI achievements during Queen Elizabeth II’s patronage. RNLI lifeboats launched 329,854 times, and saved 65,979 lives. We introduced a lifeguard service. We brought jet-propelled lifeboats to the Thames, and helped other lifesaving organisations around the world with their programmes. None of this would have been possible without generous and caring supporters and the dedication of our Patron, Queen Elizabeth II.''

The RNLI revealed on their Facebook Page: "During their visit, Their Royal Highnesses were taken afloat of St David’s Tamar class lifeboat Norah Wortley from a tender near a local seaweed farm and enjoyed a short trip around the headland to the new station, before watching the lifeboat being winched up the slipway".

Another view.

William and Kate spent time with crew members.

And took the opportunity to meet volunteers.

The Princess was presented with a beautiful posy by Isla Evans-Kohler, the daughter of deputy coxswain Judd Kohler and crew member Ellen Evans.

More from the Mail Online:

'While William was given a jar of St Davids wild honey by her younger brother Albie Evans-Kohler, aged two, who was wearing a Welsh rugby shirt.

Kate asked Isla if she had been on the lifeboat. The little girl shook her head and her mother explained she had been on the boat but not out on the water, while Albie interjected and said: 'Me.'

Kate then asked him: 'Have you been on the boat? It goes very fast, and your daddy has got a very cool job.'

The Express and Star adds

'Albie then started mimicking the boat’s siren and the princess said: “I didn’t hear the siren, but it was a lovely day on the water. Thank you very much for coming to see us.”

William told Albie he “loved” his rugby shirt as the boy gave him the honey.

“Do you like honey? It is very yummy. Do you like rugby too? First game on Sunday,” William said.

Kate met a very cute dog outside.

The Princess was in familiar pieces. Kate sported her £350 Troy London Wax Parka. The lightweight coat is made from 100% cotton milled in England with a dry wax finish. A black sports-luxe lining provides 100% waterproof protection.

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Kate wore her G-Star skinny cargo pants.

Kate teamed the look with her Veja Esplar trainers. Veja's sneakers are named in tribute to the Brazilian NGO the label has been working with since 2005; it supports organic and family farming in the Nordeste region. They are available at Net-A-Porter.

And her medium hoops by Welsh brand Spells of Love.

We'll see the Princess in France tomorrow evening for the Rugby World Cup!


  1. This was a very interesting and worthwhile visit.

    And Kate was dressed very appropriately. As she was earlier. It's just that she dressed with more fun when she first married William. I understand the change but I'm still looking for something to ponder.

  2. I love this look too! And I think it’s adorable that she still had her fancy updo with a casual outfit. The shoes look cute with the pants. Two nice engagements after the church memorial. :) thanks Charlotte! Sue from IL

  3. Sporty Catherine is my all time favorite. Her natural beauty shines!

  4. I enjoy seeing "casual Kate" and on a very shallow note, was interested to see how her formal hairdo from the morning hat event got messier as the day progressed!
    Great to see them supporting the wotk of the RNLI and checking in on one of the Earthshot prizewinners to see if they are investing the prize money properly and continuing to do their bit to save the Earth.

  5. This day was very well thought out. It's the Anniversary of the Day they became Prince and Princess of Wales. They visited the Oldest Place of Worship in Wales with incredible history, William the Conqueror (the first King named William) also visited and prayed at the site (in 1081) who then had an impact on the site being consecrated and honored as a place of worship. W&C then went on to draw attention to a modern day environmental business that seeks to create sustainable solutions. Which is what he is passionate about. Finally they honored the every day men and women who save lives and are experts who provide guidance to other marine programs around the world. A very nuanced day that invokes history along with next generation programs and policies. Lovely to see.

    1. Moxie , you said it best ! No need for me to comment.

    2. I agree with Susan! Moxie, you said it all & so well. Nuff said! :) xoxo

    3. So beautifully said Moxie, it was a day of remembrance and making new memories. I know her late Majesty and King Charles will both have been pleased that this day was spent in Wales. xx

    4. Well said Moxie!👍 A great day. Zora from Prague

  6. I love this casual look and particularly like that her hair was still up. She looks fab.

  7. I like this look a lot and the up-do was actually a nice fit. A great engagement and I hope we will see more packed up days in the future.

  8. Good to see them doing more than one engagement in a day . It would be good for one of them to take on the RNLI patronage . Like many charities they have no royal patronage following the Queens death and they have to raise all the money they need as they receive no government funding. TG

  9. Great outing. Ali

  10. Love casual Kate in clothes I wear day in and day out! ; ) Sue in WA

  11. This was a great visit by the Royal couple. Catherine looks great in casual gear.


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